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I wanted to share with you the findings from a recent study on artificial sweeteners. This study is making headline news and has come out of University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Basically, they found that waist size in diet-soda drinkers increased by 70 percent. And very frequent users (more than two drinks a day) saw 500% increases in waist size!

Why? Researchers think that artificial sweeteners aren’t recognized by your brain in the same way. So when you drink something (or eat something) with artificial sweeteners hoping to satisfy that sweet tooth, your brain may not realize it’s actually getting something sweet and you tend to keep eating to satisfy that desire.

Another result they found from testing on mice was that aspartame actually increased blood glucose levels, which is bad news for diabetics and people at risk for diabetes. So artificial sweeteners may not be the quick fix that diabetics should look to as substitutes for sugar.

Something to think about! My opinion is, of course, to always eat naturally and just practice self control. Sugar in small amounts is fine, and it’s even better if it’s coming from fruit! So turn to lower calorie, naturally sweetened foods for your sweet tooth fix. My favorite: Fruitfull Frozen Fruit Bars!

Happy eating 🙂

This workout plan is an example of one of my weekly workouts. Obviously, to keep from getting bored, I vary my workouts a bit each week so I’ll be posting a few more in the future so you can mix up your workouts, too!

Some of the exercises may not be intuitive, so let me know if you have questions! I will try to keep posting abs videos since those tend to be the most confusing.