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Sounds simple right? I just got done with 10 sets of 30 burpees + 30 sit ups. Yes, that’s 300 burpees and 300 sit ups. To put it mildly, I’m tired! I took my inspiration from the Workout of the Day for the Spartan Beast race that I’m signed up for in December (see below), and added some abs 🙂 Try it if you’re up for one heck of a workout that you can do right at home like I just did!

Spartan Buck Furpees Day
Burpees suck.  They hurt.  Overall they just break you down physically and mentally.  (Especially when you get a 30 burpee penalty well into your Spartan Race while you can’t feel your exhausted arms.)Burpees turn your internal furnace on HIGH. They force you to put out a huge effort as you confront your ability to be in control of your own body.  Your metabolism will be on fire after Spartan Buck Furpee day. Also, it will give you the confidence to know that you can handle a 30 burpee penality at a Spartan Race.  Not to mention that the burpee is a great recipe for getting lean muscle.Tomorrow, to honor the 300 men that went into battle inThermopolye (and burpees in general), do 300 burpees as fast as you can.  Do 300 as slowly as you can.  Whatever.  Just do them.  300 of them.  Let this WOD last all day if you have to!