Workout Challenge #1

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Exercise, Pictures
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Here’s a workout challenge for all my fitness freaks out there! Feel free to modify based on your fitness level 🙂

  1. Read a few articles you had on here Erin. Well said in many of the articles about the short-comings of CrossFit. CrossFit is just glorified circuit training. That is why people my see this workout as a CF workout. What you are really dealing with here is Marketing Genius. Greg Glassman has taken circuit training and other elements of fitness to the corporate level and profited big time. I have been doing this type of training since my earliest years of wrestling in the 80s and 90s. I have never been to a CF box but one of CF’s biggest positive for me was Olympic Lifts as I had never learned how to do them for fear of injury. I self-taught over a year, safely, and now I can snatch well over my weight, which has added more variety to my fitness protocol along with developing additional power of course. (; I probably wouldn’t have taught myself if I wouldn’t have seen good ol Rich Froning bustin out some heavy snatches on youtube thinking “damn thats freakin power I gotta learn that shit”. But I agree high reps on such lifts is pointless which is CF’s biggest negative, that along with faulty programming. Many will say that CF is testing a persons ability to perform a technically challenging element in an exhausted state. And that is all fine and good, but for what purpose? People have a hard time looking at fitness as an all encompassing life style and figuring out what is important to them. Then basing what they do on a daily basis on goals specific to only them. For instance, I would consider myself a bodybuilder, old school that is, no machines, but I love the feeling of moving heavy weights fast developing power and the high of long runs. In short I do it all, typical week maybe a full bodybuilding split with some long runs and a snatch session. But that’s me and I wouldn’t expect some one to jump off the couch and do what I do because that would be unsafe. But the simple truth is that there are shitty coaches and great coaches in every corner of fitness and sports whether it CF (whether you consider it a sport or not, to some it is), wrestling, football, etc. Anyway, keep it up (;

  2. oz10tx says:

    or Tuesday:

    Tuesday 140527

    For time:
    Run 800 meters
    40 L-pull-ups
    Run 800 meters
    40 strict pull-ups
    Run 800 meters
    40 kipping pull-ups

  3. oz10tx says:

    Here was the workout posted today. Similar indeed but different exercises:

    Thursday 140529

    For time:
    Row 500 meters
    20 parallette handstand push-ups
    Row 500 meters
    20 strict handstand push-ups
    Row 500 meters
    20 kipping handstand push-ups

  4. Tom says:

    So are you saying it is impossible for someone to get hurt in this workout?

    And that is a CrossFit type workout.

    Here is the one I had my clients do the other day:

    400 Meter Run
    3 Sets of
    10 HR Push Ups
    10 Hollow rocks
    800 Meter Run
    3 Sets of
    10 Dead hang pullups
    1200 Meter Run
    3 Sets of
    20 Air Squats

    ……… And?

  5. danflies says:

    FYI, this is basically a crossfit WOD.

    • Please show me the WOD that even closely resembles this workout. I’ve never seen one. This is basic circuit training, not CF. cF is based in circuit training, but they get it all wrong by using too high of reps, doing Oly and power lifts for time, and not giving appropriate rest. If lifts are in a circuit (which they are not in this one), then they should be VERY light. CF hasn’t figured that out yet, and until they do, people will keep getting hurt.

      • Matt says:

        I am a CrossFit owner and trainer. That sounds exactly like workouts we do all the time. Have you ever actually been to a CrossFit gym or done any research on CrossFit?

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