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You may not think much about the release of The Hobbit this Friday, but there is one thing those short hairy-footed men got right: second breakfast! While I grab something quick immediately upon waking up, I usually need another breakfast around 8:30-9:30. This is a great second breakfast or Sunday brunch, and is actually a pretty quick-and-dirty meal, supplying a few servings of veggies along with with plenty of protein. So give it a try the next time your stomach starts rumbling mid morning!



You have two options, you can either buy frozen veggies and steam them first, or chop your own. Regardless, you will need:


-bell peppers (whatever colors you want)



-yellow squash

-4-6 eggs

-salsa (optional)

-cheese (optional, can use white cheddar, provolone, feta, or mozzarella)


1. Sauté onion with whatever spices you would like. I use garlic powder, parsley, rosemary, salt, and pepper.

2. Whisk eggs with salsa, if desired. May also mix with just tomatoes.

3. In another pan, sauté zucchini and yellow squash.

4. Mix tomatoes in with zucchini and yellow squash when the squash is nearly done.

5. In other pan, pour egg mixture over sauteed onions and allow to cook thoroughly on each side.

6. Remove egg from heat and transfer to plate.

7. Spoon sauteed squash and tomato mixture over the top of the egg and top with desired cheese.

8. Enjoy your frittata!

Anytime you have this many colors on one plate, you know it has to be a great, healthy meal (unless of course, you have a plate full of M&Ms, then maybe not so much). Get your protein, carbs, fiber, and a ton of vitamins with this plate full of balsamic chicken with sweet potatoes and veggies. Here’s how:

Easy Balsamic Chicken: 

Cover the bottom of a pan with a thin layer of olive oil.

Add a half cup of balsamic vinegar (add another 1/8 of a cup for additional chicken breasts).

Add any seasonings you like (I sauteed with chopped garlic, rosemary, and oregano).

Once the oil and vinegar is simmering, add desired number of chicken breasts, chopped into bite sized chunks.

Let one side of the chicken cook then flip the pieces.

Sweet Potato Slices:

Wash sweet potatoes, but don’t peel. A lot of the vitamins are in the skin!

Cut desired number of sweet potatoes into slices.

Add to a pot of boiling water with a small amount of olive oil and salt.

Once sweet potatoes are soft, drain water and add olive oil and either cumin, Greek seasoning, or just salt and pepper, and toss.


These are the easiest! Just grab a steam-in-the-bag pack of mixed veggies at the store and pop in the microwave.

And here’s the colorful masterpiece you’ll have when you’re done:

Happy eating!

Need some fruits and veggies in your life? Try this salad with grilled chicken to get your vitamins and protein in the same tasty meal. I like to use a 50/50 mix of spring mix and baby spinach. The number of chicken breasts depends on how many people you’re cooking for (if I’m cooking for multiple people, I’ll give each person their own chicken breast and just mix the salad separately). Marinade the chicken in a low sodium salad dressing and grill. While the chicken is on the grill, mix your spring mix and spinach with a handful of chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, chopped apple, and top with feta cheese. You can garnish the salad like I did with some whole carrots, or chop and mix them in! It’s that easy. I like to use either Greek or balsamic vinaigrette for a dressing. Toss and top with chicken and you’re done!